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La Stazione, Barbaresco's winery in a train station

An Australian couple enamoured with nebbiolo has opened a winery and cellar door in a century-old train station in Piedmont. Alecia Wood climbs aboard.

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Three of the best Italian villas with views

For a taste of the high life Italian style, gather friends and family in a villa with a view.

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Authentic Mexico

Navigate your way through authentic Mexico via Oaxaca’s bustling market stalls, traditional festival food and extraordinary Zapotec archaeological sites.

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The Gleneagles Hotel's makeover

Gleneagles, the landmark 1920s Scottish estate, is transformed by a nose-to-tail renovation that recalls its historic reputation as the "eighth wonder of the world". We took a look around.

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Midnight in Melbourne style

In the bag: weekend bags


In the bag: beach towels

Vanity case: tinted moisturisers

In the bag: cameras


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Australia's newest luxury hotel

Como The Treasury resides grandly within the redeveloped historic State Buildings complex. Welcome to the country’s latest luxury hotel.

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On the road from Bordeaux to Limoges

A leisurely road trip from Bordeaux to Limoges promises long lunches, sojourns in chateaux and a ticket to happiness, writes David Leser.

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Boutique safaris in Zambia

Jennifer Byrne heads to Zambia for a boutique safari experience and gets up close – a little too close, even – with the beauty and the beast...

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Rio de Janeiro travel guide

Armed with a Caipirinha and a sense of adventure, Tatyana Leonov enjoys Rio’s pre-Olympic energy – Copacabana Beach is just the beginning.

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What to eat, drink and do in Kyoto

Steeped in symbol and tradition, Kyoto is Japan’s wellspring of culture and refinement, writes Pat Nourse. Drink deep and find inspiration a...

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Christchurch travel guide

From ambitious chefs to robust street art, post-earthquake Christchurch is a city alive with creative energy, writes Max Veenhuyzen.